Over the last decade I've worked with a variety of high profile clients, in some fantastic cities and on some amazing brands. With a broad range of experience in digital and traditional media, I go at my work with an open mind and a strong holistic view. numb3rs@gmail.com
Discover an escape from everyday life. A place not defined by the expected, but by the unimagined. Belize. Discover how to be.
Showing the creation process of the Belize identity
"Absolutely gorgeous - my wall will be so excited!" - Ann-Christine Diaz - Editor, Creativity Online
“Dolbyman” was a four-minute journey through a variety of musical genres, all generated by the mouth of one man — UK beatbox champion and vocal artist Beardyman. Shot in London and finished at Dolby Laboratories in San Francisco, the original composition of over 200 individual tracks showcases a creative talent in Dolby 5.1 surround sound (this version in stereo ). Role: Creative Director
Expanding brand identity and creative marketing at the worlds finest audio (and video) labs.
It's the Minnesota State Lottery, the Lucky Lotto Jug Band and former Minnesota Twin Bert Blyleven letting everyone know that every time you play the Minnesota State Lottery, you give back to Minnesota. It's true! For every $1 spent on lottery tickets, approximately 24¢ goes to our great state.
It's the Minnesota State Lottery, the Lucky Lotto Jug Band and former Minnesota Twin Kent Hrbek letting everyone know that every time you play the Minnesota State Lottery, you give back to Minnesota. It's true! For every $1 spent on lottery tickets, approximately 24¢ goes to our great state.
We created a pretty darn cool Facebook app for Molson Coors and their new product, Coors Light Iced T. Users ccould upload their favorite photos to the app, choose their own music, create captions and the app generates a rad video to share with their friends. Their friends can then take the video, and add their own twist to it by remixing what was originally posted.
Discover Boating has a community to grow. “Welcome to the Water” is designed to do just that–using every engagement tool at our disposal. Here's a small taste of how we rallied people to come take a plunge with us.
There's nothing like a college mascot to rally a social circle. This campaign kicked off a contest where we asked America to vote for their favorite college mascot to find out who 2008's top tailgater will be. Role: Creative Director
For nearly 75 years, the American Banking system prohibited interest gains on small business banking accounts. It all changed with the new banking regulations of 2010. Capital One dashed to us to create a clear and concise site that delivered the information to small business owners nationwide, while incorporating a robust, yet simple interface coupled with language that throws traditional bank speak out the window.
The Sunday Weekly. Coming to a computer near you. Role: Creative Director
Developed for nikebasketball.com, the Chamber of Fear was was a combination of video game pop culture and rpg gameplay to promote NBA sensation Lebron James. This release was in coordination with The Chamber of Fears television campaign.
Created at AKQA for the launch of the Nike Air Max 360, these trailers we're released in a series of 3 sessions which built into this final video. Directed by Neil Robinson.
Windows Vista launch event.
An interactive look at the history of product development at Nike from 1966 to the present. The site's modularity allows for easy localization for implementation to 27 countries in 10 international languages. More info.
Get inside the doors of Hockeys greatest testing facility. Created for Nike Bauer, this piece showcases the minds and madness behind Nike's hockey facility, St.Jerome.

Recognizing that basketball players come in three distinct styles, we helped roll out a campaign centered on the sneaker giant's three main b-ball product lines: Force, Flight and Uptempo. Through Nike players like Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter and Elton Brand, the campaign informs consumers about these Three Laws of Basketball.
Insert for Nike Hockey. Role: Associate Creative Director
Subaru of America wanted to present the 2008 WRX in a stylized fanatical environment. With steam pumping out of the sewers and storms brewing overhead, we put together this little diddly.
Capital One Works featuring Card Lab 2. Role: Associate Creative Director
Putting a modern twist on the classic retro-style cartoon, we re-invented the classic drive-in movie with giant digital blimps skinned to look like the Mach 5 racecar and equipped with digital movie screens descend from the sky to create a modern take on the classic drive-in theater. Role: Associate Creative Director
Microsoft Spaces
24hr came to us looking for a way to keep members intrigued with their workout and have a strong desire to keep their membership. With collaborative ideas which included workout data that synced up with a users profile to a workout mixer that devised a mix according to the way you workout. We covered the spectrum to give members a reason to keep going. Role: Associate Creative Director
Target.com redesign
Pink Together was created to connect people who are part of the breast cancer awareness movement. Role: Associate Creative Director
Touted in the New York Times as the first major online music destination to offer legal downloads of audio and video content licensed from the catalogs of the worlds major and independent record labels.
Utilizing individual character attributes, we pinned Nike Basketball greats and legends against each other in a Top Trumps style card game.
Created for Nike Hockey, the Staal brothers are four homegrown Canadian boys destroying the NHL. Role: AD/Associate Creative Director
Three page spread created for Eurosport magazine for US Soccer sensation Freddy Adu.